Rehabilitation includes...

Health-improving gymnastics

In our classes you will get acquainted with the basics of the principles of performance of the daily health-improving gymnastic, and you will reveal the simple secrets of the balance of your body and soul.


We hold timatic meetings, round table discussions and talks on relevant topics. Dive in to the world of art and psychology, we share our experience and complement each other. And most important, live experience of family communication and comfort.

Art workshop

Musical contemplation

This is an improvisation in which it is fashionable to break away from the current bustle. And return to your inner self genuine rhythm. Everyone will find something that they enjoy doing here.


It is not just about painting and creating your own masterpiece. It is about finding you dignity. Expressing yourself through colour and structure, and finding the answers to any innermost questions.

Our workshops

pottery workshop

sewing workshop

photo workshop