Dear all,

This year we need another 60 tones of wood filings left to keep ourselves worm during the cold winter and the chilly spring. Each month we produce around 30 000 kilowatts of inspiration!

Our children’s centre really needs your help to pay the electricity bills.

We demand kind people and friends with worm hearts.

Our art school and D.T. block needs materials and instruments:

- Fabric for sawing workshop
- Costumes and props for the drama studio.
- Paint, paper and cardboard for the art school
- Mats and soft modules for gymnastics classes
- Robust tools and carving wood for D.T.
- Saddles and other equipment for the stable
- Clay, lacquer and paint for pottery club
- Paper and chemical reagents for self-printing photos
And much more…

However most of all we need money to pay our employees and craftsmen. They are our main resource!

Contact number : +7 (903) 660-64-28

Your sincerely,
executive director
Vladimir Kupavski