The 1st child’s dream-is to live at the base of a big history.
For 2 years we worked in different hospitals, chapels, kindergarten, before our first proper building was built.
For the first couple of years we got our children from 3 institutions; orphanage, correctional boarding school and a police department.
From our first sponsor we 400 dollars which we used for building 4 foundations for our future buildings.
In our stable we have 5 horses which we regularly use for teaching children horse riding.
From 2005 to 2008 our children built 6 handmade cars in the design-technology block.
You can fit 7 big easels in our art school.
In our 1st foster family they hand 8 kids.
The first child that was born at our centre is 9 years old.
It has been 10 years since we have finished building our centre.
The first female that has joined our centre is now 11 years old.
At the moment 12 families are getting help at our centre.
One of the boys that is getting help from us, has lived with us for 13 years
Another boy was supposed to come for a couple of weeks and now he has already worked at our farm for over than 14 years.
In 2017 we hand children from 15 different regions of Russia.
For 16 years we have worked with orphanages, hospitals, boarding schools ect.
In 2017, 17 workshops took children from our centre.
Our centre was established in 1999 which makes it 18 years old.
At our centre we have 19 paintings from a famous artist Sergai Maytuv.
20 members of staff have worked here for more than 10 years.
At the moment we have 21 children who are getting support at out centre.
30 plays were done at our drama school.
At our farm we have 33 cows that are regularly milked.
2 members of staff that worked at our place for 15 years, have also lived together for 44 years.
50 kilograms of flower is used every Easter to bake kulich for everyone.
55 kids have already found new families due to the existence of our centre.
65 kids have stayed with their biological parents during turbulent times at their families.
Thanks to our centre 75 kinds are going to celebrate the new year/Christmas.
This summer we had 80 children at our centre.
The oldest client at our centre was 91 years old.
The minimum of 100 sausages cooked daily for supper.
The distance from Kremlin (centre of Moscow) to our centre is exactly 101 kilometers.
150m squared is the area of our greenhouse.
182m squared is the area of our gym which is soon going to be used for a ball.
Our linden ally is 200 years old.
500 meters of asphalt was put in 3 days in 2008 for the arrival of the president. (he never arrived)
Over 1000 children and adults gained help at our centre.
Over 2000 people helped to establish, build and develop the centre.
3700m squared is the area of our centre.
Every car at our centre gets a mileage of over than 1 000 000 kilometers.